In April, 2010, a new Board of Directors was elected for the Bay Area Consciousness Network. Currently, the sole program of BACN is the RAHM Metaphysical Exploration Group. Please go to the RAHM Website for more information. These old BACN pages are being preserved for archival purposes only.

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Here are some local Bay Area resources to inform, expand and tickle your consciousness. Enjoy! 


Bay Area Consciousness Calendar - listings of lectures and conferences
Bay Area Consciousness Directory – local research and educational organizations


We have held five New Science and Ancient Wisdom conferences (NSAW '02, NSAW '01, NSAW '00, NSAW '99, or NSAW '98).

We currently organize Movie Meal Socials and lectures in the Berkeley/Oakland area. See calendar.  

Bay Area Consciousness Network is a California nonprofit corporation with federal 501(c)(3) status.
To locate Bay Area Crisis Nursery go to

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